Exclusive Pictures: Margo’s Mode New ‘Bridge’ Collection Launch Event

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If there’s one thing you look to Margo’s Mode for, its luxury and glamour that always seems just out of reach.

The Cameroonian top fashion house launched its new and fourth collection called ‘The Bridge’ at an art auditorium in Douala on March 5 in partnership with Kam’Artan audiovisual content creation and professional photography company whose mission is to be the vector par excellence of the transmission of cultural, artistic and photographic values.

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The theme for the event was “sustainability and city development”; how can we make our environment, cities, and communities sustainable for living. The organizers worked with local photographers and Ngwane Liz, founder of Margo’s Mode to help showcase the power of recycling waste for today’s use through photographs and fashion designs (The Bridge).

“Bridge is a collection I created to help raise awareness on sustainability. It’s a bridge between the old and the new; it shows how we can use waste products to create fashion today, what we could possibly wear now,” Ngwane Liz explains.

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Here are some exclusive pictures from the launch of Bridge in Douala in our gallery below:



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