Cameroonian makeup artists react to Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding natural look

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Great Britain’s new bride, Meghan Markle stunned the world when she showed up at her own wedding, to Prince Harry, in a simple natural makeup.

Since the Royal Wedding on May 19, many beauty enthusiasts have been reacting to that beautiful nude facebeat, including three renown Cameroonian makeup artists.

Anyi Asonganyi, Era Era and Corine Lastar from Cameroon are not only explaining what Meghan‘s bridal makeup has done to the world of makeup in general but are also telling us why that natural look could change the game forever!

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Era Era

1. How Do You Think About Meghan Markle’s bridal makeup?

Era Era – “To me the makeup was so calm which made her looking so pale not faint. I don’t really love the makeup reasons because it made her looking so pale.”

Anyi – “I think the no-makeup-makeup techniques were smoothly delivered. She had almost everything on just in really minimal and specific quantities and tones. Professionals like Sam Fine and Sir John are very good at this. It’s a highly professional touch with specific light weight products like strobing powders, cream blushes, effective moisturizers & more.”

Corine – “First I’d like to say Meghan Markle was one very beautiful bride. With an almost makeup-less face, she made history. Something a lot of women can’t do or pull off today. Subtle makeup for weddings have always been a yes from me. Something natural that doesn’t steal from the girl’s original beauty, but enhances her look and facial features and a dash of glow because it’s her day. Though the makeup was a little bit too natural for a wedding of such magnitude, you will agree with me she wore it well.”

Anyi Asonganyi

Anyi Asonganyi

2. What was your reaction when you heard Meghan’s bridal makeup/hair cost $18,431?

Era Era – “The pricing was too much for that look because I didn’t see any difference with her day-to-day/normal looks. This means makeup has a great part to play in this world coming from the price given for her makeup. 

Anyi – “Given that it was a royal wedding… that money correct! “
Corine – “When I heard the price, that threw me overboard. $18,000 for weti? Na face weh ie go use go heaven? Wandas!!! The price was outrageous but who wouldn’t charge such an amount for the Princess of Sussex? Weh they for just call me for 2750… Lol. Just kidding! I am very certain they paid for a big name, not the make up. This actually came to me as a lesson. When you build a trademark worth reckoning with, whatever you do will fly. That just became one of my goals.”

Corine Lastar

3. Should Cameroonian brides emulate Meghan’s makeup?

Era – “To me, it is cool for brides to do it if they don’t want to wear makeup for their own weddings because that’s a normal look and again, African makeup is different from that of Americans.”
Anyi – “Every bride should emulate whatever style works for their personality, religious beliefs, style, mood… just any. Some brides just want moisturizer and gloss. Others want to be baked in an oven. So long as you pay for what you want, I will deliver! Happiness is the end goal.”
Corine – “As for Cameroonian brides emulating that??? You and I know that’s a story for the gods. Weh they no go see e highlights and carved brows??? Lol. Another thing is, we African women believe in over doing things in order to look the part. Very few believe in simplicity. Emulating that will either be a clients choice or hmmmmmmm a clients choice.”
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