Montess suffers technical problems during performance at Cliq Urban Music Festival


Did Montess have a bad performance at the ongoing Cliq Urban Music Festival in Buea? The answer is false! But the singer did suffer a slight technical problem during her performance on November 30.

Montess shared the stage with the Alpha Better Records family, Mic Monsta and Les Featurist but was her performance short of greatness? The singer at some point did complain about the sound from the live band and was clearly having some difficulties hearing herself.

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Back up singers

A source close to the singer explains to us that Montess could not feel her performance was getting the right appraisal from her fans because the sound was not blending properly.

“She couldn’t hear her backup singers nor herself at a certain point” confirms the source.

In an interview with us after her performance, Montess revealed she had a great time performing for her ‘Montessians’ and despite the poor sound, she was prepared to please the fans who bought tickets to watch her.

“I am grateful for this opportunity to perform in front of a large crowd and particularly to the people who support my music, my Montessians. Even though I faced some technical issues, I still found a way to get the crowd going. I had so much fun up there [on stage] They are the reason I do music so i had to please them no matter what,” she revealed to us.

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The AFRIMA 2017 winner was forced to hush the band [perhaps for them to recoup] and sang in accapella while asking the crowd to sing along.

The singer jumped off stage to meet and sing alongside her fans. It was lit!

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