The 10 Most Followed Cameroonian Urban Artists on Instagram


It comes as no surprise that the world of Instagram is dominated by reality TV stars, musicians and soccer players. When it comes down to Cameroon, urban artists are only striving to be in the list of the most followed persons on this famous social media app. has compiled the 10 most followed Cameroonian urban artists on Instagram for 2018/19, and well-known faces like Daphne and Tenor top the list. (See photos below)

Fans, as well as the media would acknowledge how difficult it is to obtain followers on IG. PRs, social media managers as well as the stars and influencers have been wondering how they can grow their following on Instagram, and improve their engagement so as to lock into this audience.

What can we do? What do the fans want? Is nudity the answer? How many videos should we post a day? These are some of the questions asked… but do they really find answers?


Daphne and fans

Cameroon has a population of 23-24 million people and less than 10 million have access to the internet. Moreso, less than 5 million are active social media users. How sad!?

Many Cameroonian social media users are on Facebook and an even lesser number on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Linkedin. So, what then should the stars and their social media managers do to attain millions of followers like their counterparts around the world?

Instagram is the most engaged network after Facebook with 1 billion monthly active  users. Instagram is most popular with teens and young Millennials (75% of the users are under the age 35). The popular photo-sharing app has moved from once being a favorite for travelers sharing their holiday pictures to now appealing to all kinds of influencers, advertisers and even brands.

Knowing and understanding social media demographics will help you determine which platforms make the most sense for your brand to utilize. By this, you’ll be sure that you’re not spending time creating content for the wrong platform where you have little or no audience present. If your target audience is made up of young adults (16-35), then you know that Instagram is the right place for you to be. Knowing this, you can start creating the right type of Instagram content that fits your user’s needs while adding all the best IG captions and hashtags.

cameroon instagram

Cameroon has less than 5 million active social media users

Today, more than 80% of businesses consider Instagram engagement as the most important metric. Although it’s hard to keep up with the updates and how to measure growth given that the app rapidly evolves.

Marketers confirm that businesses have a great opportunity to market their products using Instagram, thus influencers (some say bloggers are the new influencers). Not only is there a huge market, but there’s an interested audience that you can reach without spending large sums of money.

With all these said (and perhaps much still to be said), it is very important to build your Instagram following to a point where your platform becomes a profitable and valuable market space for you and other businesses and brands.

With 500 – 1 million and above followers, anybody (including Cameroonian urban artists) can use their IG platforms to merchandise – sell their own products or other brands – to a market that would at the least, see the product.

Steven’s Music first lady, Daphne just clocked a million followers on Instagram, making her the first musician in the Cameroon to attain such a milestone. But  there are others.

Here are the 10 most followed Cameroonian urban artists on Instagram in 2018/19:

1. Daphne



Daphne is Cameroon’s music Queen! She’s signed to Steven’s Music Entertainment and in 2018, she won Best Female Artist in Central Africa at the #AFRIMMA2018. She is also now Canal D’Or Awards biggest winner of all time. Her hit song, ‘Calee’ can’t seem to stop being a number one hit. She goes by @daphne_njieofficial on IG and has 1 million followers.

2. Tenor



Tenor is a French-speaking rapper signed to Universal Music Africa who is also considered one of the country’s fastest MCs. But it’s his ability to use of his mother-tongue in his lyrics which makes fans love him even more. He goes by @tenorofficiel and has 698k followers on IG.

3. Locko



Locko is the one guy ladies adore thanks to his voice and sexy dark skin. His battle with weight loss has inspired many over the last two years and he is signed to Universal Music Africa. He goes by @lockofficial on IG and has 515k followers.

4. Blanche Bailly 


Blanche Bailly

Blanche Bailly is Cameroon’s Afro Pop queen and she makes celebrity lifestyle even more interesting. She has hits upon hits and isn’t slowing down any time soon. She goes by @isblanchbailly on IG and has 495k followers.

4. Mr Leo

mr leo cameroon

Mr Leo

Mr Leo is one of the country’s best vocal male performers and is signed to Alpha Better Records. He also runs a newly created Lionn Productions where singers Gomez and Kameni are signed to. He is also a one time Origin Beer and iTel Mobile Cameroon brand ambassador. He goes with @mrleo237 and has 475k followers on IG.

5. Numerica



Numerica is a Francophone singer whose fashion statements leaves us grinning with envy. He is also considered one of the country’s Most Stylish Men Alive. He goes by @numerica237 on IG and has 386k followers.

6. Stanley Enow 


Stanley Enow

Stanley Enow is one of the country’s biggest musical exports with the number one hit song in 2018 – ‘My Way’. He goes by the name @stanleyenow on IG and has 320k followers.

7. Minks



Minks is a  very talented francophone rapper who goes by @minksofficiel with 292k followers.

8. Reniss



Reniss is a gifted singer signed to New Bell Music who’s hit song – La Sauce – landed even on the President’s lips. She goes by @renissofficial on IG and has 273k IG followers

9. Magasco



Magasco is a talented singer under BBoy Records  who won his first ever national recognition at the Urban Jamz Awards 2019. He goes by the name @magasco_bboy on IG. He has 250k followers.

10. Maahlox 

Maahlox zone2rap part ways


Maahlox is Cameroonian rapper/MC  who goes by @maahlox_officiel on IG and has 214k followers.


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