[New Video] Mr Leo seeks God’s love, protection in ‘Amen’

Mr Leo is getting back to his English roots as he pens a touching song of hope, peace and reconciliation in his latest track, ‘Amen’. A song which contains the highest amount of English language since his hit, ‘Jamais Jamais’ in 2015.

Mr Leo, famously known for his dominantly French lyrics, is back to including plenty English/ Pidgin English phrases in his new song, ‘Amen’.


Mr Leo begs God’s love in new song Amen

The Alpha Better Records starboy poured his heart out in this new song which he’s heard asking for God’s protection and love over his life and career. He is even heard saying, if it’s not God, he wouldn’t know where he would be today.  He also praises God Almighty for giving him life, his music gift and popularity.

‘Amen’ is coming after the singer’s continuous backlash from fans and the media for singing predominantly in the French language as an English speaking native (from the North West Region of Cameroon). But in this song, Mr Leo is overheard calling on to his hometown and town of resident to not forget him.

“Bamenda eh, Bamenda eh. Na de I comot… Buea eh,  Buea eh, Na de dem born dis pikin,” – he sings.

The singer is clearly acknowledging he hasn’t forgotten where he’s coming from despite the massive critic on him substituting his originality as an Anglophone, while trying to assimilate into the French culture. But he says,

“For all ma men dem for quarter, Na bolo de make I di waka… Dis one na the truth of the matter. I still remain wuna tara oh…”


Mr Leo Amen video cover art

Leo also touches base with his tribe (Banso) as he’s heard singing in his local dialect, just like he did with his epic track ‘Pray’.

‘Amen’ is foreseen to be one of those timeless songs Cameroonians will live to remember in years to come. Watch the video (directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens) and tell us what you think in our comment section below.


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