Mr. Leo’s debut album “Love Original” drops November 17

Mr. Leo debut album Love Original

After dropping an EP and six hit singles throughout the years, Mr. Leo has announced that his brand new debut album ‘Love Original’ produced by Alpha Better Records is due out on Friday, November 17. You heard it here first!

Between traveling to the US and UK for his music tours, appearing on other major national and international collaborations and focusing on his upcoming Cliq Urban Music Festival in Buea, the Alpha Better Records music star has been teasing his long-awaited debut studio effort.

Mr. Leo to drop debut album "Love Original"

Mr. Leo to drop debut album “Love Original”

Mr. Leo‘s recent offerings include “Partout”; a song he solely dedicated to his fans across the globe for their tremendous love and support for his music career since he began and the powerful number, “Je T’aime” featuring Hiro, inspired by his willingness to appreciate and empower women.

“I appreciate the woman. She is special, she’s wonderful and she is caring. It is necessary to remind her that you will be there from the beginning til the end; like the melody and words in ‘Jamais Jamais’. It is a way of singing the feeling ‘stand by me and things will be better’. Always tell a woman what makes her special,” Mr. Leo explains in a press statement (November 14).

mr leo love original debut album

Mr. Leo reveals track list for debut album “Love Original”

In the press release, the Soul/Afro/Pop star revealed that this new album will not only have some of his major hit tracks but will also introduce his fans and the world to five new songs including the self-title album track, “Love Original,” “Pray,” and “Hallelujah”.

“I am thanking God for making this entire big dream and my successful music career story – so far possible,” he says.

mr leo love original album

Mr. Leo’s debut album “Love Original”

“Love Original” is an intriguing story about love. It is basically celebrating love from a 360 degree angle; with each song connecting to the next to tell a beautiful love story with a touch of reality. All songs are produced and mastered by the talented Salatiel and Blaise B.

The much anticipated album will feature 13 songs, three collaborations (with Hiro, Rude Bway and Fanicko) and will be available for sale online- on live streaming platforms including iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, Tidal and on mainstream retail outlets.


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