Mr Leo’s LIONN Productions signs rising music act Kameni

Mr Leo’s Lionn Productions label has signed fast rising music act Kameni to their roster. Kameni will be joining the likes of Gomez who was welcomed into the music family last year, 2018.

Kameni is the latest signing for the newly formed Lionn Productions den. The young female voice got so much attention in September after she dropped her own cover to Timaya‘s song, ‘Bam Bam’. Her cover for the then #bambamchallenge even got reposted on Instagram by the Nigerian music superstar.

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Kameni drops marsh up under Lionn Productions label

The news of Kameni’s record deal signing also came along with the release of the singer’s first official mashup on January 6. She hooked up songs from Wizkid, Stanley Enow, Locko, Tzy Panchak, Ambe and Ko-C. She showed a more confident and refined performances.

Well, before Kameni joined the young music label, there was Fly Boy Gomez who was signed in 2018 but sadly, he is yet to make a real impact after the release of ‘Beauté’ in July.

Gomez and his boss, Mr Leo

Now, the question is, are they preparing him for a powerful comeback in 2019 or is he signing his divorce papers even before he starts enjoying his marriage? Critics claim he can only get bigger when out in the market because no cares about the preparations done in the back. It’s been a while since Cameroonians slammed into a major song from the urban artists and Gomez’s silence isn’t helping either.

We will be in the LIONN’s Den to make sure Gomez is alive. Enjoy the mash-up video from KAMENI and tell us what you think.

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