Mr Leo drops new song ‘Toujour Haut’ post online hack

Mr Leo is back with a new song after hackers recently hijacked his Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts early August.

The Alpha Better Records singer has released a brand new single title, ‘Toujours Haut’ (in English, always on top) only a few weeks after he lost his millions of views and hundreds of thousands of social media followers in the hands of cyber hackers, August 14.

In the song, Leo says he will remain on top despite the online hack and what it’s done to his brand and morals. He is ready to put that behind him and focus of retrieving what’s been lost.


Mr Leo drops new song Toujours Haut


The singer tells his fans that his new song, ‘Toujour Haut’ is a continuation of his previous hit record, ‘Partout’ and that this song is inspired by his recent mishap.

“I just recorded a new song inspired by the recent misfortune I’ve had (loss of my social media accounts and all my songs on Youtube). The feeling of this song is [fire]. I call it the big brother of #everywhere my team and I think I’ll take it out next. Are you ready? ” he wrote on Facebook, August 22.

Mr Leo‘s boss Salatiel also reacted to his hacking mess on social media, condemning the act and encouraging the ‘E Go Better’ singer’s fans to continue to love and support Leo as he tries to rebuild his online presence.


Salatiel reacts to Mr Leo’s social media accounts hack

Listen to Mr Leo ‘Toujour Haut’ above and tell us what you think about the song in our comment section below.

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