[Music] Nkuh Bandy – ‘Stop The Bloodshed’ inspired by the Holy Spirit

Afro Gospel and Inspirational artist, Nkuh Bandy has dropped his powerful single, ‘Stop The Bloodshed.’

In  this new song, Bandy encourages dialogue and calls for peace in the on-going Anglophone Crisis.

The singer and songwriter sings about the daily ills and the wars already engulfed in the world but hits on the pain of loss families and friends go through due to the daily killings of Cameroonians in the South West and North West Regions of the country.

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Nkuh Bandy drops Stop The Bloodshed

Bandy  made his debut in 2016 with a song titled, ‘King Ruler’ but left the ‘secular music world’ later that year when he became a born again christian. Now, Bandy is determined to use his voice for the good of the people, his people.

“This new song is inspired by the Holy Spirit. It’s a song I want to use to try and touch the hearts of authorities at both ends to find a way to dialogue and end the killing of innocent Cameroonians,” Bandy says.

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Nkuh Bandy drops Stop The Bloodshed

Nkuh Bandy is now encouraging the population to believe in peace, love, forgiveness, and trust in God as a standard for life.

“Life is good when we feel the pain of our neighbours and this is song is the meaning of love,” the singer tells us.

Watch ‘Stop the Bloodshed’ video above and tell us what your think


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