Music Producer, Phillbill cuts off his dreadlocks

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Phillbill said goodbye to his signature hairstyle and everyone around here is shocked.

The Ridimz singer has rocked his recognizable dreadlocks for the longest time but Phillbill revealed this month that the dreads are no more.

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Phillbill cuts his dreadlocks


The singer, songwriter and music producer made the surprise reveal in an Instagram post on Monday (July 6) saying he’s ready for change.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not no fighting the old but on building the new,” he captioned his new picture without the dreads.

Some Ridimz fans expressed their shock underneath his post on Insta writing;

“I prefer you in dreadlocks but it’s a nice cut,” on IG user wrote, while another added, “Ehhhhh zadddyyy shaved ohhhh, I’m crying.”


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cameroon musician

Phillbill cuts his dreadlocks in Douala


On Sunday, Phillbill shared a picture of himself at the barbing saloon where he cut off his famous dreads but didn’t make mention about the shocking hair change. He only tagged the barber and the saloon and added a scissor emoji to it.




However, back in February 2019, the singer explained to us why he takes good care of his dreads and credited his hairstylist, Felix at Dreadlocks Salon, Buea for doing a great job.

When it comes to my dreads, I go extra. I always wash my dreads twice a week. I have some hair oil and spray I apply on my hair. In a month I can braid my hair thrice. I always love to see my hair look clean and neat,” Music producer, Dianee PhillBill spill the secret of keeping his hair special.

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