Music producer PhillBillBeatz explains #NoToArtistExploit campaign


Cameroonian music producer, PhillBillBeatz is speaking out on the “No To Artist Exploit” (#notoartistexploit) campaign he introduced days ago and what’s the true inspiration behind it.

The popular beatmaker and singer reveals that internet music sensation, Nyangono Du Sud is the real reason behind his cry for all Cameroonian artists to be respected by showbiz investors.

The member of the music group, Rythmz launched the #notoartistexploit campaign on Facebook, March 31 while sharing hints about a possible exit from Pit Baccardi‘s Empire Company record label.

Fans who didn’t understand the group’s message began firing back, accusing the artists of being selfish and impatient with their label. Some told the duo [PhillBillBeatz and Master K] to further explain in details what their posts were all about before they could get their support. Others felt some of the messages  were rude and also disrespectful to other urban musicians in the country.

Well, to clear the air, one of the members of the music group, PhillBillBeatz has taken to Facebook to further explain what they meant with their campaign ‘No To Artist Exploit’ and reveals who inspired the movement.

Apparently, Nyangono du Sud [Cameroon’s latest music sensation] was treated poorly by some event organisers in Douala. The singer’s picture was used on their flyers and billboards to sell out tickets for a concert he wasn’t even the main act. On the day of the show, the artist was not even allowed to get into the venue by the security team.

PhillBillBeatz‘s concern stems from the simple fact that event organisers need to respect artists and vise versa. They should stop mistreating music artists especially in front of their fans. “We also work extremely hard to create music and build their brands the best way we can. The disrespect is unnecessary,” the producer explained to us.

DCODERS, what do you think? Do you think urban artists in Cameroon get the respect they truly deserve?

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