Music Video Fashion: Ambe, Boy Tag go traditionally fabulous in ‘Na For Bafut Remix’ video

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From Briana Lesley’s chic ‘Falling’ video to Ambe’s cultural ‘Na For Bafut’ music video, experts are telling us more about a new fashion movement in the Cameroon ian entertainment industry.

Gone are the days of baggy jeans and Nelly‘s facial plaster, oversize Timberland boots and big shades in music videos or films. The guys in the entertainment industry in Cameroon are slowly but surely beginning to change the fashion and style spheres.

On set of a new video shoot in Douala, singer Ambe gathered his music friends for what would soon be considered, one of the most anticipated music video in 2018 – ‘Na For Bafut Remix’.  It features singers, Tzy Panchak, Blaise B, Salatiel, Blanche Bailly, Mr. Leo, Magasco and rappers, Boy Tag and Askia.

‘Na For Bafut’ is an urban, yet traditional song which depicts the rich cultural inheritage of the Bafut people; their dance, language and music. Ambe brings together artists from different cultural backgrounds to remix his original record, in a bid to welcome the new year. The song is produced by the prolific music producer, Salatiel.

Well, enough of the song, unto the video! While our cameras scanned through the set of the video shoot, we noticed that most of the artists involved had a touch of tradition to their outfit, except for a few. Those who really stood out were Ambe, Boy Tag, Salatiel, Mr. Leo, Askia and Tzy Panchak.

mens fashion

Ambe looking good on set of his new video, ‘Na For Bafut’

Ambe chose an African print suit and a bright yellow shirt for his video. He explained that welcoming a new year is important and its a thing to celebrate and be joyful  about. Hence his bright and happy look!

boy tag

Rapper Boy Tag goes tradfab in Na For Bafut video

Steven’s Music’s rapper, Boy Tag went fully traditional but with a touch of his hip hop culture. He combined the famous Bamileke fabric and a fancy traditional hat, cultural necklaces and a hand drum to signify leadership and his love for originality in the new video. “You have to know where you are coming from, proudly flaunt it so that people will understand who you really are,” he once said.

tzy panchak

Tzy Panchak in Ambe’s ‘Na For Bafut’ music video

The Blu Nation Nation soldier, Tzy Panchak kept his look cool but culturally represented. Growing us a Bayangi boy from the South West Region of Cameroon can be a little confusing, as the influence of Western culture seem to overrule the cultural rights of the people. Tzy made sure his attire will not bring controversy should he carry his Bayangi people to Bafut. He donned a coffee brown African designed mens wear, a traditional cap and necklace while sipping juice from his Nabstar Radio cup. As usual, he just had to rock his signature dark shades to give his look an urban feel.

mens fashion

Salatiel on set of ‘Na For Bafut’ video

We couldn’t really pick out Mr. Leo‘s full Bamenda agbada attire or Askia‘s edgy traditional look but we could see what one of their music producers, Salatiel had on. Just like Tzy, the ‘5 kolo’ singer rocked a white colored African print outfit, added a few African hand beads and popped it up with a sleek pair of dark shades. He seemed super confident with his style choice and made sure his phone captured his every pose.

Most of the men who feature in this new project by Ambe came in prepared. They knew what was at stake and how they wanted to represent themselves and their brands as the world awaits 2019.

‘Na For Bafut’ is a song used to welcome the new year but more so, it celebrates culture, customs, tradition and style and Ambe, Salatiel, Boy Tag, Tzy Panchak and Mr. Leo didn’t find themselves wanting!

See some exclusive pictures from the shoot below.




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