[Music] ‘We Need Peace’ ft Salatiel, Blanche Bailly, Daphne, Ko-C, Magasco, Pit Baccardi, Nabila, Minks, Blaise B and Edi LaDrae

anglophone crisis

Salatiel and 10 other top urban artists in Cameroon are joining their voices to call for peace, unity, non discrimination, equality and justice in Cameroon in a new song title, ‘We Need Peace‘.

The Alpha Better Records boss, who doubles as the producer of the song says Cameroon is better than war and its high time we find lasting peace to end the unjust killings.

Other artists who feature in the song include singers; Daphne, Blanche Bailly, Mr. Leo, Magasco, Nabila, Blaise B, Salatiel and rappers; Pit Baccardi, Minks’ and Ko-C as well as a music producer, Edi LeDrae.

The all-star gang touched on so many topics including asking for the return of children to schools, end to brain drain, an immediate dialogue of our leaders, end to unjust killings and police brutality as well as as slamming Cameroonians seeking refuge in other countries due to unrest in their own country.

‘We Need Peace’ says it all – Cameroon needs peace and she needs it fast. The Anglophone Crisis has lasted for almost two years and has to end. It has led to the death of hundreds of people, especially English speaking civilians and military men and women in the South West and North West Regions.

But the questions remain: can these voices be heard? Can they make a difference? Listen to ‘We Need Peace’ ft Cameroon All-stars and tell us what you think.


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