“My man strongly believes in sex after marriage” – Daphne


Daphne is revealing some intimate issues about her fiance including him going by the ideology of, “sex after marriage”.

The Cameroonian singer and songwriter confesses that her man is no believer of fornication but strongly thinks sex after marriage and having kids after marriage is more valuable.

“My man strongly believes in sex after marriage as well as children after marriage. You’re soo wrong,” Daphne replied to a fan who asked why she was defending women who yet to be pregnant after 35 years old. 

In a tweet on July 21, the award winning singer rejoiced over Nicki Minaj’s pregnancy reveal but also took out time to call on the society to stop pressurizing women above their thirties to get pregnant. Daphne said the US rapper is getting pregnant at age 37 and everyone seem to be okay with it yet they keep asking her when she will get pregnant when she’s quite younger than Minaj.

Na Nicki Minaj dat di cam born for 37 years, ei dong die? Make a hear hear again say ‘when are you getting pregnant?’ Or ‘you should get pregnant,” she tweeted.

“This isn’t just about me. The kind pressure women go through for things they don’t have control of is uncalled for. Do you know how Suicidal this would leave a barren woman? Or how broken ‘when will get married?’ would leave a lonely woman?(that’s not me suggesting I’m any above),” the singer added that the pressure for women (above 30) to get pregnant could be suicidal. 

However, Daphne dodged all questions from fans who wanted to know if she is still a virgin but replied Celine Fotso, founder of Je Wanda Magazine, who confessed that she had her daughter (with rapper, Jovi) at age 36. Daphne replied, “Awesome. God’s time”.

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