Fondze Fidele, popular known as Fofi Dollar
From Mbiame in Nso village North West region of Cameroon.
Got into the world on 7th June 1990.
Currently living in Douala the economical town.
2 Months into Music.

Career path
I have loved to be a star or a celebrity but didn’t know how to start any career In showbiz.
Lucky for me I got into the hands of one lady from my land Maika Laura who was into it long ago. She introduced me into movies 4 years back, where I acted in a movie produced by her as a Town boy. From there I started getting information about movie Auditions and also knowing about production houses, from where I started acting in other films but on the way I feel like my passion to become a star is dying down with the undeveloped system of Cinema in our Country I then Engaged in music 2 months ago and thanks to my producer who guided me I came out with my first track which is already on YouTube, later on, I brought another one give it to me also in YouTube as people showed love to what I brought as my first song o then decided to do a video of it which is released today 14th February 2019.
I love HIP-HOP but it appears not loving compared to Afro-pop in 237. As such, I did an Afro song, Hip-hop, and Njang song to please my homeland natives
I will be looking forth to see which one my fans love best then…
As of now I invite everyone to watch, listen and comment on my take away video on YouTube

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