Ngoh Dalida calls Maybelle Boma “evil granny” on Facebook

Ngoh Dalida blasts Maybelle Boma

Poplular On Air Personality Ngoh Dalida has called out gospel singer Maybelle Boma in a strong post on Facebook for being insensitive.

The Canal 2 English TV host may have withheld calling names in her post on January 24 but there is no doubt that her post is been directed at popular gospel artist and blogger, Maybelle Boma whom over the weekend, dropped a post on her Facebook slamming some Cameroonian artists for not respecting those who have lost lives during the ongoing crisis in the Southern Cameroon’s fight for freedom.

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If you are lost, let’s replay. Maybelle had slammed some six artists for promoting their pre-Youth Day concert online (to be held on February 4) at a time when “youths” are been unjustly murdered by the military in the North West and South West Regions. According to her, these entertainers could have withheld all/any social activities online to show concern over lives lost during the crisis.

Posting a flyer of the concert on Facebook on January 22, Maybelle captioned below:

Maybelle Boma slams artists on Facebook

Maybelle Boma slams artists on Facebook

“REALLY??? Your brothers are being killed, your sisters are being raped, your fathers are being jailed and all you know how to do is to promote your despicable cheap 1000frs cfa concert to celebrate 11 February. REALLY? Which youths are you celebrating?? Tufiakwa x 100000000. To be honest are they on YouTube? Who are they?”

Other Cameroonians immediately sided the gospel singer claiming the artists – Mr. Leo, Salatiel, Askia, Dynastie Le Tigre and rapper Tenor – were rather insensitive and careless to promote a concert which is suppose to cheer up youths at a time when other youths are brutally killed by the armed forces in Southern Cameroons. (See some of the reactions below…)

Da Bright writes, “Instead of them to jointly sing a freedom song they are doing rubbish. Even my 5frs una no go see. Tuuuuiips.” 

Ebi Queen writes, “Do they have consciences fools of the first order. This is not time for celebrating.”

Dobdinga Edmund writes, “Am ashamed of Mr Leo. Can he not follow the steps of longue Longue and Petit Pays, bush man like u, wena go tie rope for pple their neck drag dem come concert.”

Anile Shakur writes, “This is shame to arts and culture.”

Jiggar Man writes, “Mr Leo after you arrange your concert finish your forget about your carrier market for Southern Cameroon coz we will never listen to your music again and we will also destroy any concert you ever organize at the English zone.”

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Apparently Ngoh Dalida, who is a friend to some of the artists been slammed by Boma in the post, took offence and dropped a post of her own on Facebook page Tuesday morning:

“I can’t understand how somebody who calls herself a gospel artist and sings about God’s grace and love manages to be so evil and finds pleasure in seeing people being insulted and dragged down. Worst is she hits only on people who don’t validate her existence by sucking up to her, women around your age are enjoying their families or working to make the world a better place while you are out on social media stirring up drama amongst children you could very much be their mothers and even grannies. #DramaQueen

Well, Ngoh may not have been referring to Maybelle Boma in her post but giving the fact that Boma is a gospel artist who sings about God’s grace and love, we’re not too sure it wasn’t her Dalida was referring to.

Organizers of the concert are yet to issue a statement if the concert will still hold.

What do you guys think?

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