Ngoh Dalida launches #Team237Mag in Buea

Ngoh Dalida #team237mag

Popular On Air Personality Ngoh Dalida has launched her highly-anticipated Team 237 Magazine.

The sexy TV host unveiled her entertainment mag in a grand launch party at the London Complex in Buea on October 22.

Dalida says the magazine is not all about the Cameroon entertainment industry but her dream was to create a forum where youths will be inspired to do better for themselves, become more independent and realize how talented they truly are.

“Well, literally the magazine is just spiced with entertainment. The #team237mag is created to give young innovative Cameroonians turning passion into businesses a platform to share their journeys with the world. Thus inspire other young Cameroonians to create careers for themselves too rather than wait on our very unreliable government,” Dalida tells DCODED TV exclusively


Ngoh Dalida launches #team237mag

The first issue of the mag is covered by singer/songwriter Salatiel, founder of the Alpha Better Records. As for the reason why he was chosen to grace the cover of the youth-inspiring mag, Dalida explians:

“Salatiel has a very inspiring story as you can see in the interview he granted us. His passion for music is so strong that he went against the odds to pursue a career in it. For someone who dropped out of medical school to do music, faced challenges but fought on into becoming the founder of one of the best record labels 237 has today, we just couldn’t help but celebrate him in the first edition.”

Congrats to our young female entrepreneur.

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