Bow Down To The Queen: Margo’s Mode boss, Ngwane Liz breaks all fashion rules in new pictures

margos mode

Ngwane Liz, creative director of Margo’s Mode fashion brand is confidently breaking all fashion rules in her hot new pictures released September 1 and there’s nothing absolutely wrong with it!

The fast rising fashion designer completely transforms into a diva in a series of new pictures to celebrate the coming of the month of September a.k.a her birthday month.

The Margo’s Mode boss teams up with newly arrived fashion photographer, Roland Onana to switch up her image as she succeeds to break some major fashion rules. All we want to do is to break it all down.

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margos mode

Ngwane Liz in Margos Mode design at the 2018 Cameroon Fashion Awards

1. Repeating a look

Liz cares less what everyone thinks about the rule of not repeating an outfit as a public figure. Her sensational appearance in her latest pictures is something we’ve spotted on the fashion designer before. Back in February, Liz arrived at the Cameroon Fashion Awards 2018 in this same nude colored  floor-length dress (self-designed) which featured African print petals at the chest and waist line. But for her new pictures, she added an huge headscarf to bring out an African glam and looks very different.

2. Goes for a not-so-popular photographer

While everyone goes for popular faces for anything good and trustworthy these days, this designer chooses to risk it all with a not so famous photographer.  Roland Onana came to the spotlight in 2018 after publishing some of his portraits on his Instagram page featuring some top Cameroonian models earlier this year. Despite being an engineer by profession, he takes photography as a hobby, something he loves doing.  Describing her shoot with Roland, Liz told us, “the guy is a professional. He made me do difficult things, turns, poses … In fact, he practically transformed me into a professional model.”

3. Gives herself a photo treat

Most fashion designers usually don’t have the time to book and take professional pictures looking all glammed up but hey Liz is different. To celebrate the coming of the month of September which coincides as her birthday month, Liz gives herself a photo treat. She creates time for image branding which she says, “it’s very important to today’s businesses.. The way you look is how people regard and treat your job, office or company. I am the face of my brand and who else to sell it better than me?”

4. Models her own brand

Many young fashion designers will prefer to use a model as their perfect muse to showcase their designs for the world to see but Liz is tweaking things up! Her latest Roland Onana pictures features her in her own brand, Margo’s Mode and boy did she nail it! “At first it was strange… strange for me to do shoots while wearing my own clothes but while doing it, it felt really good. I see nothing strange in doing the shoot now,” Liz explains

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Check out the Margo’s Mode boss’ latest pictures in our gallery below.

Photo credit: Roland Onana


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