Niki Heat just proved dark skin women are better off with nude makeup

niki heat

Many of us believe that when you are blessed with the dark skin, you would have the penchant for bold splashes of color just to pop. Wrong!

Niki Heat Agency has just released their latest series of pictures proving that nude makeup is perfect for our melanin popping sisters.

The fast rising  modeling and makeup company is celebrating women with dark skin and telling them you don’t have to go red on the lip, or blue, green, yellow on the eye but going nude is the new makeup goal.

The agency launched their new pics online on March 29 featuring three lovely dark skin models whose head-to-shoulder neutral palette are a huge lesson in elegant restraint. Which is not to say that those who belong to the dark skin sisterhood can definitely create impact even on pare-down makeup tones.

“We kept it nude, laying emphasis on the highlights with a little color on the under eyes to give it more life and making the eyes pop,” explains Wilson Nyah, co-founder of Niki Heat

A glimmering wash of silver-threaded charcoal shadow made for a fresh take on the smoky eye, while a slick of caramel gloss offered another light-catching point of interest to offset their black silk skin.

Still, it may have been their lesser accessories, pulled back hairdos and bright smiles that brought out their best asset: their supernaturally glowing dark skin.

See pictures in our gallery below


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