Niki Heat models visit and clean up Limbe Wildlife Center

They rock the runway and kill magazine covers and photoshoots like no other but these top Cameroonian models could also spare some hours to make friends with animals and clean their home.

During their phenomenal 237 Model Bootcamp at the Miramar Resort in Limbe, top Niki Heat models and some aspiring young models took off time to enjoy some sightseeing.

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237 models at Limbe Wildlife Center

The Cameroonian models visited the popular Limbe Wildlife Center (Zoo) to spend quality time with animals, know more about their origin of the center and also help in keeping the zoo clean by doing some community service to the delight of the administrators.

“We are very happy to have a group of young and beautiful women and men come by to check out the zoo. Them creating time to come here and see these animals and also help in keeping this environment clean is such a wonderful thing,” the tour guide expressed.

For over three days, the models at the first ever 237 Model Bootcamp, underwent thorough training in catwalk, picture posing, the use of social media, how to brand and how to market their brands as well as know more about beauty cosmetics and carry out professional photoshoots.

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At the 237 Model Bootcamp, Miramare Hotel, Limbe

Models from different parts of Cameroon were brought together at the Miramar Resort in Limbe to know about their profession/career from expert coaches like veteran model and trainer, Fon Arman, Miss Beach 2017, Audrey Monkam, Adamma Bazil, Celia Andre, Freddy Nyongo, Njotu Denzyl, famous photographer, William Nsai, Video director, Dr. Nkeng Stephens, blogger/TV host, Joan Ngomba and many more.

“It’s amazing to take part in such a bootcamp. I came to learn more and I believe there’s so much about modeling I had no idea about. Here, we wake up very early, we train like footballers, go for lessons, attend photoshoots and still have to go visit various places in Limbe. Its great,” one models explained to us. 

Organiser of the bootcamp, Niki Heat is a renown makeup, beauty and entertainment brand aimed at building the pop culture and investing in the growth of talents especially in models.

See more pictures from the models’ visit to the Limbe Zoo below:

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