Nivo Ti upcoming cameroonian artist shame anglophones for critising his work.

hanks to social media , people now express their opinions freely without fear. It has been a worry as to why Anglophone Cameroonians do not support their artistes to grow.

It is visibly clear that Francophones are supportive to their artistes than the Anglophones . For decades, since the evolution of music, People have come to the realisation that music is not solely for pleasure but a tool by which people express and release emotions . It often carry messages that are relative to real life situations.

Nivo Ti is a fast rising talent that many young Cameroonians are looking up to. The smart artiste had composed a melodious song titled ” Marginalisation ” , expressing his thoughts and feelings following the ongoing crisis in Cameroon . His unbiased nature in this music track grabbed admiration from fans both at the national and international level. This particular song recorded 2,300 shares on his timeline .

He was opportune to have been granted an interview over CRTV, where he spoke fearlessly about the Anglophone crisis. Nivo Ti became furious and unhappy when some English Cameroonians stormed his page with insults calling him a perfidious fellow. According to them, Nivo Ti issued provocative statements during the interview . Never the less, he vividly replied to the insults stating that no one bought his EP to support his music but only know to criticise. Read his post



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