Nsang Dilong denies alleged affair with Ramsey Nouah Jr.

nsang dilong denies ramsey nouah affair

Nsang Dilong is setting the record straight concerning a reported affair with Nollywood superstar, Ramsey Nouah Jr. during this year’s Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIFF) in Buea.

The famous Cameroonian actress says she is not having an affair with the Nigerian actor and the only reason why the rumor sprung up in the first place is because a certain blogger needed internet traffic.

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Lucie Memba, Nsang Dilong and Stephanie Tum and Ramsey Nouah Jr.

The sexy actress and former beauty queen took to her Facebook wall early Monday morning, May 15 to write:

A blogger recently published stories about intimacy between a Nigerian actor and I. The story is false and possibly a means to obtain internet traffic while tarnishing reputations. If this industry has to grow,we don’t have to put each other down for no just cause like we are doing . Much love and respect to my family , friends and those who support the craft.”

Back in April, a blogger hinted that Ramsey Nouah was involved in some sort of an “affair” with a Cameroonian actress (whose name was withheld) during his brief stay in the country (six days to be exact!).

According to the gossip blogger, Nouah ‘used and dumped’ the actress which led to a fight on the last day of the festival. Flex Mag claims the actress expressed sadness when it was time for the actor to return to Nigeria.

The mag even posted a Whatsapp conversation which clearly described who the actress was:

Ramsey Nouah CAMIFF 2017 alleged scandal

Ramsey Nouah CAMIFF 2017 alleged scandal

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Due to the report and description, fans immediately began making assumptions as to whom they thought was the actress involved in the extramarital affair with the Nollywood hunk. However, no names were mentioned in any of the posts.


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