Nsang Dilong on divorce “If you cannot be faithful, don’t get married”

nsang dilong A good time to divorce movie

Nsang Dilong is making her stand on divorce clear to everyone who cares to listen (or in this case read) saying don’t bother to get married if you know you cannot stay faithful to one partner!

The actress/model states that marriage is a beautiful thing but people should not allow themselves to drown in pain and agony just because of love.

Nsang Dilong speaks on marriage and divorce

Nsang Dilong on set of “A Good Time to Divorce” movie (dcodedtv)

We caught up with the actress on set of her forthcoming movie, “A Good Time To Divorce” where she plays the role of Sophie (the best friend to a woman who desperately wants to leave her marriage) and Nsang agrees that marriage, like divorce is tricky. Either you are all in or you’re out!

Divorce is a tricky question. I was thought by the gospel and the church that divorce is wrong. But the Bible also says that if your spouse is unfaithful, you can get a divorce. Personally, I don’t think anyone should die because of love. Most women are been battered these days in their marriages. A woman is almost dying but when asked how her marriage is, she would smile and say ‘my marriage is good’ even when she’s dying inside,” Nsang explains to DCODED TV exclusively.

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nsang dilong camiff

Nsang Dilong at Camiff 2017, Buea (Njinkeng Asonganyi for CAMIFF)

One of the major reasons for divorce in the issue of domestic violence. According to the “Mama Paulina” star, spouses should try and resolve their difference without inflicting pain unto each other.

“I love my life! If things are not working out and my husband is treating me unfairly I will move… I deserve to be happy. Before he came, I was alive and happy. However, if the marriage is good I will remain there forever. But if he’s inflicting pain on me I am sorry, I cannot stay,” Nsang goes on.

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The actress didn’t go without dropping a word or two to the men – husbands, fiancées, boyfriends etc – on how to avoid divorce as a whole.

“Men should treat their ladies better. If you know you can’t be faithful to one woman then don’t get married in the first place. These days, men are so unfaithful, it’s not even funny. Most women are in their marriages and they know their husbands are serial cheaters but they stay because of their kids… it’s not fair. All I am saying is that Men be fair to us please,” she adds.

Do you agree with Nsang Dilong? What’s your own stand on divorce?

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