Posting nude pictures online doesn’t scream women empowerment, its mere stupidity!

amber rose nude women empowerment

Since when does posting nude pictures  online – exposing breasts, vagina or penis – act as a tool to empower women all over the world? Well, former stripper Amber Rose thinks so.

British media guru, Piers Morgan wasn’t having it with Amber Rose Sunday night (June 11) when he openly condemned her recently posted nude picture on Instagram as a means to promote women empowerment and/or feminism.

The ‘Good Morning Britain’ co-host went hard on the mother-of-one accusing her of being selfish and ridiculous for thinking her exposed genitals could empower women across the globe. He insisted that he doesn’t mind her going nude online but saying it’s for promoting feminism and women empowerment is complete “bulls**t!”

I do not agree with Morgan on so many things but in this case I am with him a hundred and ten percent. Nakedness has nothing to do with being intelligent. Exposing your nudity to the world, including friends to your kids is clear madness and quite frankly very stupid.

Back in the day, nudity was sacred but today so-called celebrities use it as a tool for “women empowerment”? SMH!

I think what Amber Rose was trying to do is tell women – both old and young – that the power of a woman lies in her vagina and not in her ability to reason or act responsibly. The brain exists for a reason. It is there [in our heads] for everyone to use it to think about what’s good and what’s bad. Maybe the ex-stripper should think about that.

Young girls are been encouraged day in day out on how to empower themselves through educative, academics or technical programs and someone will go ahead to use a naked picture to do the same? What an insult!

Amber why can’t you use your slut walk to help take beautiful women away from looking at themselves as sexual preys instead of leaders in their own rights!? You chose to be a stripper, just like another will chose to be a teacher. But do you really think everyone want to stay a stripper? If yes, why did you leave that profession?

Everyone’s life isn’t the same. People do things in life for various reasons depending on the situations they find themselves in at the time. But the question is, do you want that to remain permanent? Do you want to outgrow where you at? My answer will be yes! Nothing lasts forever. Everyone deserves better. So go for it!

Amber Rose had no right to use a picture exposing her busy vagina and big breasts to promote feminism or women empowerment. The power of a woman has nothing to do with her genitals but her brains and reasoning capacity.

I agree with Piers, go nude for yourself not for other women who can’t even figure out what to do with your vagina slammed in their faces.

This is what I think.


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