Singer, Numerica sends romantic birthday message to girlfriend “I Love You”


Leave it to singer, Numerica to make his girlfriend’s birthday even more special by sending her the sweetest message ever!

The Cameroonian singer wasted no time in proclaiming his undying love and affection for his longtime girlfriend and co-founder of Eloli World fashion brand, Fese Ndoumbe on her birthday on February 10.

Numerica took to his Instagram on the eve of Cameroon’s Youth Day celebration and posted a beautiful picture of the young fashion designer. He didn’t just follow suit with an appraisal of his woman but he added the three letter word at the end of it all!


Although many ladies had expected the singer to serenade her world with music by playing a live musical instrument by her bedside, Numerica went for a public display of his affection via a IG post. Fese replied with:

fese_eva @numerica237 Thank you bae! I love you too”.




In an exclusive interview with us in Lagos, Numerica told us how much he adores Fese and when we asked if we should expect a ring soon, he replied,

“I don’t have to say that now but when that happens, you will be the first to know… She is an amazing person and a great partner. She’s special and I care about her so much.” 


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