Numerica, Sama Ndango, Nabil4Real: 6 most stylish men in Cameroon’s entertainment

6 Cameroonian most stylish men in entertainment

The men in Cameroon’s urban show business are giving the women a run for their fashion. When it comes to what they wear and how elegant they carry themselves at events and in the social media world, women stand no chance.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with men looking good or even caring about what they wear in public. So, here are the top six most stylish male entertainers in Cameroon… and yes, the ones who definitely dress to impress anywhere and everywhere.


Numerica (Instagram)

1.) Numerica:

Anything he wears turns into gold, literally. This sexy music star has the body to wear simply anything and doesn’t give a hoot if you love it or not. In other words, he’s a trend setter who raises eyebrows whenever he steps out.

Sama Ndango

Sama Ndango (Instagram)

2.) Sama Ndango

He’s not called Mr Fix It for nothing! He fixes anything including fixing his clothes to fit perfectly. Whether in a suit or just a simple distressed jeans and a t-shirt, Ndango slays!

Pierre Abena

Pierre Abena (Instagram)

3.) Pierre Abena

Sex, check! Rich, check! Famous, check! Stylish, check and check again! This fine-looking brother wears just about anything and kills every look whether on or off the runway. Which sister won’t want to this gorgeous model home to mama!?


Nabil4Real (Instagram)

4.) Nabil4Real

His street vibe is second to none! He turns his simple looks in jeans and tees into an unbelievable stylish trend which every male wants to follow.  He loves his shades, blings and face caps and just because he’s the “king of Snapchat,” he can show you how stylish he really is!

stanley enow

Stanley Enow (Instagram)

5.) Stanley Enow

This rapper is not afraid to wear anything. Suits, casual wears and even when he decides to go shirtless, he’s still stylish. Cameroon’s ‘king kong’ in music loves looking good and that’s why he even came up with his own ‘Motherland’ fashion franchise!

Tpana Wynchester

Tpana Wynchester (Facebook)

6.) T Pana Wynchester

This popular socialite and model does no wrong in whatever he wears or how he carries himself in public. The very handsome model sends social media into a frenzy just by one single social

6 Cameroonian most stylish men in entertainment

6 Cameroonian most stylish men in entertainment

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