Nyangono Du Sud: 5 Things To Know About Cameroon’s new music sensation


Nyangono Du Sud is enjoying his hour of glory and who can blame him?

The singer and performer is now a household name in Cameroon and it’s not necessarily because the dude can sing or is the best ‘Foup Fap’ performer in the business but he may have cast a spell on all of us with his hypnotic dance moves and outrageous costumes.

Nyangono Du Sud aka ‘The Lion of the South’ isn’t the typical musician. He rose to the limelight this March after releasing his captivating song, ‘Ça Déjà Commencé’. After a few performances, he’s become the infamous star every crowd wants in their midst.

So, here are five things you need to know about the very hilarious Nyangono Du Sud.


Nyangono du Sud

1. Nyangono Du Sud isn’t only a performer but he is also a serious business man. He owns several stores at Marche Central in Yaounde. He’s known for having one of the biggest courtleries shops in Yaounde where he makes most of his money.

2. You may be getting to know his music now but Nyangono Du Sud has been doing music for nearly 10 years. He was repeatedly told – by friends and family – to quit music and focus on other things like business but he kept on going hoping that one day he will be heard and felt by his fellow Cameroonians. His now popular song, ‘Ça Déjà Commencé’ is an old song which he recorded almost five years ago.

3. He is popularly called Nyangono Du Sud but this performer is originally from the West Region. He is a Bamileke native born and raised in Yaounde. A source tells us the Yaounde people are not so pleased when he claims he can speak the native language Beti because “he ruins it for us all.”


nyangono du sud

Nyangono du Sud and Cameroon’s First Lady, Chantal Biya at Canal D’Or Act 12

4. Nyangono Du Sud is not only popular for his music or dance steps but his choice of costumes has quickly gotten the attention of most of his fans. The singer is usually seen rocking hideous outfits either channeling the late Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley. Well, the truth is he owns a big fashion store in Yaounde where most of his costumes originate from. An eye witness confirms to us that he wears what he sells… including his signature white gloves.

5. Nyangono Du Sud claims he is wayyyyyyyyyyyy better that the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson! According to him, MJ was just a guy who revolutionized Hip Hop but he is that star who can sing, dance and dress better than the late pop star and his music changes lives and touches real stories. Please don’t ask us how. He even describes himself as “Meilleur Chanteur du Cameroun le père du FOUP FAP”.




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