Oops! Magasco falls on stage at Golden Show concert


Singer, Magasco took an impressive tumble on Saturday, December 22, when he slumped on stage mid-concert during his performance with singer, Shan’l at the Golden Show concert at the Palais Des Sports in Yaounde.

Of course it is the very first time Magasco is slipping on stage during a performance but what a fall it was! The singer’s both legs were raised into the air and his back on the floor as the live band kept on with the music.

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Magasco falls on stage

The Empire Company star was dancing right behind his ‘Love It’ co-singer and Gabonese star, Shan’L when his legs gave way beneath him and he crashed to the floor.

The ‘Wule Bang Bang’ hit maker found both of his feet swinging in the air as his back laid fully on the ground. The singer began laughing as he rose up and continued his performance like a pro.

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Magasco and Shan’L dancing at the Golden Show, Yaounde

A concert goer tells us the reason for Magasco‘s fall was all because he couldn’t withstand Shan’L‘s booty. Apparently, the Gabonese songstress was grinding on the Cameroonian singer’s crotch (just like she did him in their video) before his epic fall. Looks like her booty pushed him to the ground.

Well, Magasco posted images of his fall on his Instagram and tagged Shan’L with the hilarious caption, “swipe and see what happened.”


@shan_l_officiel 🙌🏾🙌🏾 swipe and see what happened 🤣🤣

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