OZI International presents ‘The Vibrant Collection’

OZI International Vibrant Collection

OZI International presents ‘The Vibrant Collection’. The June/July mini collection is here to add more spark to every closet.

Taking a more risque and colorful approach to the season, the “Vibrant Collection” chronicles the life of a young and vibrant man and/or woman from home to the world of luxury, simplicity, uniqueness and sexy. It has the perfect squeeze of the local fabric – Ankara – onto the most comfortable urban looks of this generation.

“The collection is for any fashion forward person who doesn’t want to do too much. The pieces are easy and can be worn with just anything from jeans, shorts, skirts, leggings, bikinis…just anything,” says Anyi Asonganyi, CEO of OZI.

The new “Vibrant” Collection is available NOW at the OZI International store at Nouvelle Route Grand Moulin, Douala-Deido.

Photos: Nji Asonganyi Pictures
Models: Tancho Zinky, Mercy Joyce, Anyi Asonganyi and Richmond Tancho
Makeup: OZI International

Check out our gallery below:

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