Paddy Foks plans exit from record label, Schengen Black Movement

Cameroon singer Paddy Foks could be on his way out of his record label, Schengen Black Movement (SBM) by November after just eight months with them.

A close source to Foks tells us the singer is not happy with the way the label is treating him and Foks now thinks his standards and values are now way higher than the label.

Paddy Foks 237 Industry Nite

Paddy Foks performs at 237 Industry Nite

Foks who gave a brilliant performance at the 237 Industry Nite in Buea on October 8, is a vibrant singer and performer who says he’s ready to make a change in the Cameroon music industry but,

“I don’t want to be like everybody else. I want to be different, bringing something no one has done on the table,” Foks tells us.

Neither Foks nor a spokesperson from SMB has released a statement concerning the singer’s future with the label.

All calls to both teams were to no avail. Stay with us for more scoop.

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