Pamela Happi having trouble in her relationship?

pamela happi

Is there trouble in love paradise for ‘Miss P Show’ anchor, Pamela Happi?

The popular talk show host took to her social media accounts on October 13 posting cryptic messages about loving the wrong person.

pamela happi heartbroken

pamela happi heartbroken?

Happi who is rumored to be engaged to businessman, Eselem Edwin, posted a message on her Instagram with the words, “Don’t cry over a playa,” and captioned, “Thursday mood @SimpyDeep”.

pamela happi heartbroken

pamela happi heartbroken

She then followed her post with another one carrying her picture with a message, “Never play wifey to a playa.” She captioned, “Your value does not decrease if someone is unable to appreciate your worth… Fall in love with yourself before anyone else…#SimplyDeep“.

Pamela has however, reached out to us to clear the air about her previous posts. “No worry, No heart broken here… was researching on a topic and loved some stuff I read on,” she said.

So rest assured she’s happily in love with her boo and all is definitely fine in her love paradise.

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