Rapper, Pascal reveals qualities of his idle woman in new song, ‘Mimba’ [WATCH VIDEO]

Cameroonian rapper, Pascal is back with a new video for his song, ‘Mimba’ featuring Oji and here’s why we love it.

Pascal is getting his musical career back on track with a new release, ‘Mimba’ under his new label Indomitable Lions Entertainment and from the sound of it, his new project could be a potential hit song.

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‘Mimba’ is an Afrobeat track produced by Dream Boy Evans, same brain behind rapper, Ko-C‘s popular song, ‘Caro’ . The song has a catchy vibe thanks to its smooth blend of  Afro, dance-hall and Hip Hop. Young singer, Oji nails the hook with his sharp voice and reggae dance-hall flare.

“We were actually just vibing at the studio before Oji came with that hook. I liked it and chose my topics to address within the song,” says Pascal. “In verse one, I’m just telling people that rather than chasing girls, it’s better to get what they want so that they chase you. For me, I chase money, my goals and my dreams and when I succeed, the ladies will come around,” he adds.

With this song, Pascal attempts to address women [or anyone] who are proud over nothing. According to the rapper, women should stop raising their shoulders when they neither own nor can offer anything of value like money, sexiness, humility and big brains.

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The rapper, who is single and yet to mingle,  did use this song to dish out a few tips on the qualities of his idle woman. The ‘Yung King‘ says the woman must know how to cook and handle matters of the bedroom too and adds that, she doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘showbiz girl” but can have a tiny waist and a big fat ‘behind’.

“There are certain girls who aren’t into showbiz… like, they are neither makeup artists, video vixens nor slay queens and most of them feel like they are less of themselves because they think guys won’t even notice them. In this song, I’m just trying to appraise these type of women. I’m telling them they are not lesser than the other girls who are into  showbiz… Generally, I’m only trying to balance everything up,” Pascal explains to us.

“I don’t want a slay queen, make up artist or video vixen. I just need a woman who is humble and wants to be on a low key. I want a woman who can allow me take good care of her in private and in public… but if she’s blessed with curves, I’ll be blessed as well,” says the rapper. 


Well, ladies there you have it! Pascal is available to steal!

Watch ‘Mimba’ video above. It’s directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens.

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