Pascal drags mentor Jovi Le Monstre in new diss song ‘Devil No Di Really Sleep’

Rapper Pascal is out for blood in his new diss song to his mentor Jovi Le Monstre. The rapper’s track, ‘Devil No Di Really Sleep’ is a remix to Jovi’s 2018 song, ‘Devil No Di Sleep’.

Jovi may have released his own version of ‘Devil No Di Sleep’ in 2018 but his former protege, Pascal just is now using his own beat to slam the controversial hip hop artist.

Pascal‘s new song puts Jovi on full blast after the New Bell Music founder claimed ownership to the young rapper’s style of rap. Jovi took to Twitter on May 5 saying he changed Pascal’s rap style from being an American wanna-be to a more indigenous style. He also claimed he was the force behind Pascal’s hit, ‘Check Sense’ but  still insist that his new signee, Tata is the best rapper he’s ever worked with.

Well, Pascal did reply Jovi on Twitter acknowledging how incredibly talented he is and how he owes his allegiance to his mentor. However, he took his responds a bit further when he dropped a nasty remix to Jovi’s ‘Devil No Di Sleep’ song on his YouTube on May 6.

In his own song, ‘Devil No Di Really Sleep’, Pascal did make mention of him not being a bait for Jovi to praise another rapper. He also scolded at his music mentor to dish out respect where it due.

Pascal also used his latest release to advice Jovi to get some sleep at night instead of spending those sleeping hours on Twitter!

You know what, we think you should listen to ‘Devil No Di Really Sleep’ by Pascal above and tell us what you think in our comment section below.

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