Cameroonian rapper, Pascal cries out loud in new EP ‘Pikin 4 Sun’


We’ve been waiting for far too long and finally Pascal has heard our cry.

The Cameroonian rapper has dropped new music and that’s not all, he has also released his fourth studio project ‘Pikin 4 Sun’ which is a follow up to his previous projects including, Two EPs and One Album Trilogy (WORK DEY- volume 1, 2 and 3).


Pascal drops new EP, Pikin 4 Sun

One of the most popular songs on the new project, ‘Pikin 4 Sun’ is the story of a child lost in darkness, pain, suffering and disappointment. The ultimate search for restoration, God given success and light at the end of the tunnel. It is a soul searching journey pregnant with lifestyle choices and an expression of societal experiences.

Call it good but this is no doubt a historic piece of work by Pascal, demonstrating strength and hope for one’s self.


Pikin 4 Sun tracklist

Written in Pidgin, English and French, and features rappers, Mihney and Chick Nick. Pascal worked with six producers including, Dijay-karl, Edi Le Drae, Kiloh, Method J, Teranno and King Gunz.

Sit back, get your headphones, your speakers and your ears ready because what you are about to listen to is “Cameroon’s rap in it’s purest and finest form” with no exaggerations.

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