Paul Biya: Cameroonian celebrities react to presidential win

paul biya

Most Cameroonian celebrities are still stunned over President Paul Biya’s alarming victory at the 2018 Presidential elections and now, they are reacting.

In a shocking twist of events, incumbent president Paul Biya won the required number of electoral votes in a hotly contested campaign on Monday, October 22, making him the 2nd and longest serving President of Cameroon.

paul biya

Maurice Kamto

The newly named president-elect also earned the ire of many famous faces in the Cameroon entertainment industry, who during the night posted their shock and disappointment at his mind-blowing lead in the polls over opposition candidate, Maurice Kamto.

According to the Constitutional Council, Biya had a landslide victory over his opponents even though many Cameroonians have slammed the results, claiming the president rigged the elections.

Here’s a sampling of reactions from some Cameroonian celebrities and after Biya’s win was announced in the late hours of Monday morning.

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