Punchline Comedy Club: Ewube, Ngwane Hansel, Oboy da Comic light up funny event

punchline comedy club

The Punchline Comedy Club is a newly launched comedy event to promote emerging and rising comedians in Cameroon.

The first edition took place at the former Franco Alliance Camerounais in Buea, Sunday, July 29 and singers Ewube, Mimi Baya, actor Nkanya Nkwai and top comedians, Ngwane Hansel, Oboy da Comic and others were present.

Organizer of the event,  Godboy-mc Njoh explained that he wanted to create a platform to help promote comedy especially in the South West Region and also provide an avenue where people could laugh and ease off the stress from work, family and other places.

The event slid into the early hours of Sunday, July 30 leaving many guests still laughing at jokes cracked by rising comedians on stage. There were also music performances from upcoming music talents and a fashion show by an also rising designer.

See the photos below:

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