Rapper Askia accused of stealing another rapper’s song


Askia is facing accusations of plagiarism for allegedly ripping off a track titled, ‘U Sep Na How Eh’ by Bamenda based rapper, Don Krozzy.

The upcoming rapper took to his Facebook, September 24 to tell his friends, fans and anyone who cared to read that the former Alpha Better Records femcee stole his song.

“So Askia what did I do to you that you have to copy my song?” Krozzy wrote. “I thought you guys are big artists in Kamer as you say,” he added.


Don Krozzy

The  Bamenda-based rapper went on to explain how Askia allegedly ripped off his track, stating she heard the song for the first time at a show in Bamenda and went ahead to make a remix without his consent.

“So you attended a show in Bamenda, BAMENDA MUSIC STORM and you heard my song. And you liked it. Why didn’t you ask me for a collabo? [Instead] You went ahead to remix my song. Askia Why?? Mami Bakala why ??”

Askia has been attempting a come-back to music after reports of her alleged departure from her record label, Alpha Better Records and addiction to hard drugs.


Askia, Na How Eh

However, the rapper has released couple of singles including, Let’s Talk, Corps A Corps, Mami Bakala, Another One and the now accused alleged ripped song, Na How Eh? . The song is produced by Edi Le Drae and was officially released on August 18.

Leave it to the Internet to be the appointed jury on trivial things such as songs that sound the same. In this case, Askia’s “Na How Eh?”  vs Bamenda rapper, Dong Krozzy’s “U Sep Na How Eh.”

Although the songs have different rhythms there may be some similarities between the two tracks, including the artist’s flow and the content of the songs.

But we will leave you guys to be the judge after listening to both songs below:

Don Krozzy – U Sep Na How Eh


Askia – Na how Eh


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