Rapper, Stanis drags former boss, Wax Dey in new freestyle ‘Faith Again’


Cameroonian rapper, Stanis is back and he is putting out a strong case against his former boss, Wax Dey in his latest freestyle, ‘Faith Again’.

Stanis Le Dragon isn’t sparing his ex boss in this new freestyle, ‘Faith Again’ as he calls Wax Dey out for talent exploitation, selfishness and a self-destructive business man.

Stanis lastly released music back in 2017, which was a cover of Mr. Leo‘s  hit song, ‘Jamais Jamais’.  Prior to that, the rapper dropped a debut single in August 2016 titled, ‘Faux Weh’. Stanis also made a few featurings with Neglect (4 Soiree), Arrey Etang (Baller), Kingunz (S.O.S) and Pierose Untamed and Anu (Amina).

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It’s been almost four years of an ongoing battle between the rapper and Dey over his demand to exit the label, Calabash Music. According to a statement by Wax on social media in 2018, the entertainment businessman explained that Stanis had not fulfilled the terms of his contract and would not be let go despite all the pleas from the rapper’s family, friends and fans.

Instead, Calabash Music allegedly forbade media houses from playing his music. Other musicians and record production houses were as well warned to neither work with nor sign Stanis, for if they do, it will be at their own risk.


Wax Dey

Now, for the very first time, Stanis is openly talking about how he really felt about the entire ordeal. In his new song, ‘Faith Again’, he announces his come back and thanks the fans still standing by him for believing in him. The rapper then addresses Wax Dey in these lines:

“And this is for the man that’s still expecting apologies. Hope one day you get it.

I’m done reading your comedies… Some cheap lies about me can never stop me

because I do this for my people, fuck it! I do it for my two eye fans for facebook

And anybody holding me down deserves the truth

And anybody wishing Stanis some better days in a better place I might give it all to please you.

Let me address this man… asseh grand, if you call my name you go choke. Huh! Shit!

Now these feelings getting the best of me.

Heard you was fake. Well,  I be feel say na joke.

Had to come close and see for myself till it was clear to  me…

You all about you, hell yeah, I thought it was family.

Fuck with ma thought. God damn! he was just using me.

Left me in the dark, Almost got me losing my confidence.

Stuck up in my doubts even when I had so much evidence.

Slowly breaking down, Couldn’t tell what I was going through.

Had a couple bloggers that wanted me for an interview

Had to them turn down… that was me still looking up to you

Coz despite our differences, i re.. really respected you. Yeah!

My mistake, so imma take the blame.

In life you learn some lessons only through pain.

I almost stopped believing I could fly again

But now, I got my thoughts in check, my life will never be the same.

Never feel a type of way. I’m going to a better place,

My fans and I, we’ve got a date. We’ll never ever part ways.

I know I let them down but I’m here to pick them up again.

I’ll probably lose my breath before I ever lose my Faith Again… yeah… my Faith Again.

Stanis closes his freestyle by sending a big shout out to music group, Realm Squad and now Gumption Music rapper, Roqzen, whom were all once signed to the same Calabash Music and are now supposedly, “in a better place”.

Stanis repeatedly recognizes “Stone House” –  which is just an organization he belongs to. He tells us, “I’m not signed to any label at the moment. I’m riding solo.”

‘Faith Again dropped March 18 and so far, there’s been silence from Wax Dey.


WATCH and LISTEN to ‘Faith Again’ Freestyle by Stanis Le Dragon below and tell us what you think in our comment section below.


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