5 Reasons why you need to attend STREET SALES

Fashion designers street sales is always a great idea for growth.

Cameroon designers came together last November and hosted a two-day street sales in Buea to showcase their recent designs and meet with some of their fans and clients.

These young designers such as Margo’s Mode, Basic Designs, Afrik Fashion, Bisi designs and so many others brought out fresh looks from their design books and it was very interesting to attend.
So, I will just go ahead to give you 5 reasons why it is advisable to attend street sales.

1. Promoting the individuals

Buying fresh from the designers is a way of promoting and supporting the individuals. Again, this goes a long way to show appreciation for the designers by his/her client or a fashion lover.

2. Getting custom designs

Attending Street Sales gives you an opportunity to pick designs and also get them custom made. You will be able to reduce or add more to the design and also to get different colors and styles.

3. Discount

Who doesn’t love good things at less prices? I do! If you do too then you should keep a calendar for fashion street sales. This is because you could enjoy discount prices from your favorite designers at the venues. Trust me, this is a great way to get things at the cheapest rates.

4. Purchasing exclusive designs

If you are a fashion lover and love exclusivity – having a particular kind of clothing – then, know that at street sales, you may have a little fun while browsing through unique pieces from the tents from your different fashion designers.

5. Missing out on the fun

Personally, shopping alone is always a bore especially when you are out there alone. But having a friend come along could help improve the fun. If you are a chatty person who loves to interact with other customers, then the one place you can’t miss out on a chitty chatty is a street sale. Catching up on all the laughter and sharing style ideas definitely go on at a street sale. Getting to know people, networking and trying out new clothes while enjoying free food and drinks usually happen at street sales too!

See photos from the Cameroon fashion designers street sales in Buea below.

Designers and clients

Designer, Liz Nwane and Joan Ngomba

Model, Mercy Joyce securing her purchase

Media Personality, Joan Ngomba rocking an exclusive H-Jacket from Margo’s Mode



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  2. Ngwane liz

    December 19, 2017 at 8:42 am

    Thank you joan for attending street sales and buying and H jacket

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