Red Carpet Moment: 20 inspiring looks for our Cameroonian stars

Red Carpet Moments for Cameroonian stars

For so long, the Cameroonian female stars have taken the heat from fashion critics for their almost poor appearances at red carpet events. Either they almost nailed it or didn’t do it at all. Today, we look at some female red carpet looks to inspire our stars as the entertainment event season draws closer.

While majority of celebrities claim there’s the lack of financial investment into their styling and red carpet appearances, others say there’s the absence of very creative fashion designers in Cameroon. Today, we want to look at 20 gorgeous and “simple” looks from other red carpets around the world which could inspire our Cameroonian celebrities as the award season approaches.


red carpet inspiration

From Boss Fashion Collection at Nicki Heat Model Management Launch, Douala


We know about the guys, relax we’ll be right back!

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