“I’ll Never Leave New Bell Music” – Reniss confirms long stay


Reniss says she is going nowhere as she confirms a long stay at her one and only record label – New Bell Music.

The Cameroonian singer debunks any rumor saying she could be leaving New Bell Music – owned by Cameroon’s Hip Hop superstar Jovi – anytime soon.

While announcing that her new EP which drops January 29 in a Facebook Live video on January 15, Reniss also made it clear that her record label is home and that’s where she and her music feel most comfortable.

“New Bell Music has a plan for all it’s artists. Why I love it is because they allow their artist to be themselves and to be unique. The reason why I will never leave is because of their authenticity, originality… they are different and strong,” the singer revealed in her video chat with fans Monday afternoon.

Reniss however shied away from revealing the title of her upcoming EP and also refused to tell on the content of the new work like how many collaborations, producers she worked with but she did say what the music will sound like.

“Many want me to reveal the title of the EP or my new video… I’m sorry but it’s a surprise. All I want you to know is that I don’t like to repeat myself. It won’t sound like ‘La Sauce’, ‘Pilon’ or any of my previous songs. It is completely different and I hope you guys will enjoy it,” she explains.

Reniss enjoyed so much success in 2017 with national and international recognitions including the Cameroonian Head of State, President Paul Biya mentioning her song at a national event. Plus her international concerts and style evolution.

Her new EP and video drops January 29. Anticipate.


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