Richard Bona calls Samuel Eto’o “Fools Baller” for sealing his lips on Anglophone Crisis

richard bona samuel etoo

Cameroonian music icon, Richard Bona is calling it as it is!

Bona is putting football legend, Samuel Eto’o on full blast for sealing his lips and keeping a blind eye to the massive and brutal killings of civilians by the military in the English Speaking part of Cameroon.

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richard bona

Richard Bona

The multiple award winning musician says Eto’o and other musicians from the South West and North West Regions are not only silent but are cowards for not speaking out on the on-going crisis which has ravished lives and properties for nearly two years.

Bona, who was responding to an allegation levied on all Cameroonian celebrities for ignoring the crisis, says he was the first artist to speak up on the injustices being carried out by the military in the Southern Cameroons.

samuel etoo

Richard Bona calls Samuel Eto’o a Fools Baller

As we earlier reported, Samuel Eto’o has been called by the Minister for Secondary Education, Nalova Lyonga to visit the SW and NW Regions to encourage parents to send their children back to school (Some schools  in these regions have either been burnt down or closed due to the crisis). However, his visit has been plagued with heavy backlash on social media.

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samuel eto'o

Samuel Eto’o slammed for ignoring Anglophone crisis

While some Francophone Cameroonians are asking the football icon and UN Ambassador to avoid the visit due to security reasons, some Anglophone Cameroonians say he shouldn’t bother coming since he’s been keeping his mouth shut on the unjust killings of children and innocent civilians in that part of the country in the last two years. Others are calling him a UNICEF Ambassador for the francophones only.

On the part where Bona says “some NW and SW artists are silent” on the crisis, we just want to say [the other] some English-speaking artists have used their songs to preach against the crisis. Mr. Leo used his song, “Pray,” and  Salatiel‘s video for “Toi et Moi” was to preach against police brutality, just to name a few. Other celebs like Magasco, Ambe, Nchifor Valery, Anurin, and a few more have voiced out their pain on social media.

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Dcoders, do you think celebrities are speaking out enough on this crisis? Do you believe if many could speak out louder, they would make a difference?

Drop your comments below.

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  1. Tek Dezzy

    June 11, 2018 at 3:17 pm

    Those fellows ain’t saying shit. I’ll just take an example and point out one video maybe you don’t know interpretation very well but that song “Toi et Moi” is a total morkery on people who are advocating for the total independence of Southern Cameroons as a new country they call Ambazonia and it’s really offensive. If you listen to the audio of that song, you’ll interpret it as just as a love song full of promises but if you actually watch the video and relate the song to the video you’ll definitely agree with me that the video has done nothing but invoke more anger into the hearts of Southern Cameroonians who believe in a free independent Southern Cameroons. Else you’re someone who doesn’t know how to interpret arts or poetry. Sit down quietly, watch that video, try to relate it with the current revolution and then match it with the song and see what you get. Maybe the video director wanted to send a different message unfortunately he sent a wrong one. I’m totally wondering why I’m the only one seeing that everything is wrong with this video. I’ve neither watched nor listened to Mr Leo’s not for any reason but because I prefer more of Hip Hop and RnB music. That’s where I find people with more honest philosophies and whose art inspires and enovate my philosophy. People who are truthful to themselves.

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  3. Rednite

    June 21, 2018 at 1:17 pm

    I have listened to Mr Leo’s “pray” and I must say its quite demanding peace in the country, aside which I have not listened to any other music from the SW and NW singers pressing the PEACE or the REFORM button hard enough to warrant some effects regarding the state of affairs in CAMEROON.

    CLINTON NJIE in my opinion shouldn’t have ceded to the pleas from people concerning taking the Buea Las Vegas scene to a whole new level,it was to be used as proof and as a deterrent to the police officer and to the general military forces for such injustice in the English Regions of Cameroon.

    Its really disheartening how until this hour those we look to for some reasons have resolved at shutting and sealing those holes in their faces, if I’m lucid enough they are to be the voice of the voiceless and a source of strength to the downtrodden but it is what it is…nobody cares.

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