New Video: Ridimz – Market featuring Yung Meagan, Janea


The Market has never looked this fun and Hip Hop hasn’t been celebrated in Cameroon for far too long.

Music group, Ridimz has released their latest single title, ‘Market,’ which features Yung Meagan and Janea and it’s all about bringing back the 90s vibe into today’s Hip Hop world.

Ridimz, Meagan and Janea are a triple match made in music heaven and all three delivered like the pros which they are, while living the 90s lifestyle on the streets.


Ridimz yung Meagan and Janea drop Market


From the video concept (Directed by ChuZih), to the lyrical delivery and the attitude dished out by every cast member, this video is no doubt one of the best visuals we’ve seen all year long.

Unlike Awu’s debut ‘YaYaYo’ video, ‘Market’ video has no plans of being brought down from YouTube any year soon. Pafe Styling made sure fans understood which era this song/video was depicting. The rising stylist made good use of baggy jeans, oversized shirts, tiny shades, unbuttoned ensembles on the guys, huge foot wears, old fashioned hairstyles etc to bring the video to life. What a great job he did!

Please enjoy ‘Market’ video below and tell us what you think in our comment section below.




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