What you need to know about Robertson Winery Wine

Robertson Winery Proudly South African

Just a sip of the Robertson Winery wine and I can comfortably tell you about the Proudly South African liquor brand.

In an exclusive interview with Nsuh Cyprian Nji,  the owner of Proudly South African, (Cameroonian company which imports and distributes the South African Wines, Robertson Winery), he tells me there are so many benefits to consuming his wine.

1. Robertson Winery is natural

This particular brand of wine tastes so good in the mouth but that’s not the only thing. It is so natural. A sip of the red wine and I could get that on my tongue.  It has no added sugar and has little or no undesirable after effects like headaches and migraines. Which means, its the perfect choice for digestion (after meals).

2. Great Quality

Looking at the branding of Robertson Winery wines, you will figure that great work has been put into giving it its value. From an external look of the bottle to its taste, there’s no doubt that it’s quality has improved over the years. Nsuh Cyprian explains that the purpose of drinking a fine glass of wine isn’t to get you drunk. It’s to give you satisfaction and comfort among friends and family. “Its a product which can be consumed at family dinners, birthdays, pool parties and so on. No one needs to get drunk after a glass or two.” and I agree.

3. It is affordable

No need to empty your wallet just to get a bottle of Robertson Winery. “We have worked so hard to import amazingly beautiful wines into Cameroon at very affordable prices. Actually, it is literally 4 star wines at 2 star prices,” explains Cyprian. Remember that because you can afford it doesn’t mean it has less quality. As I explained before, its natural and has great quality.

4. It’s old and fine

You know what they say about old wine… They are the finest! Established since 1941, the Robertson Winery wine has over the years experienced great and quality improvement. “Our clients around the country have slowly but surely realized the comparative advantages that our wines have over other wines and our clientele has grown. I can proudly say that Robertson Winery wines have earned a place in every wine drinkers shopping basket,” Mr. Nsuh explains.

5. It is Available!

Robertson Winery wines will be the major consuming product at the upcoming Robertson Pool Party on December 9 at Mawah Hotel in Bamenda. Proudly South African Company wants to bring together everybody; big or small to feel as one family. “The big to come down and the small to move up and we meet somewhere in the middle and feel like one people and party like never before” says Mr. Nsuh Cyprian.
The Pool Party starts at 3 pm with swimming, music, affordable wine bar and chicken barbecue. And later in the evening, there will be a Gala around the pool with a runway mounted for a fashion show, artists performances and dance dance dance till dawn. More wine please!
All of these should be accompanied by sips and more sips of Robertson Winery wines and so many bottles to be won via a tombola!

To attend, all you have to do is contact the following persons for your tickets:

(+237)678555007 – Cynthia
 (+237) 678741642 – Jacky
Robertson Pool Party

Robertson Pool Party flyer

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