Rythmz drops new video – TOBASSI


They couldn’t have picked a better time… Rythmz has dropped their most anticipated video for their new hit song, Tobassi and its all kinds of amazing!

The famous music duo’s latest video drops just a day after young men and women took to the streets in West Cameroon to protest against President Paul Biya‘s regime where eight were reported dead.

This video, “Tobassi”, speaks volumes. Flashes color, hope, excitement and joy and much more, emphasizes on the perfect usage of the bilingualism culture Cameroon only manages to portray to her citizens.

As we earlier reported, Rythmz (made up of Phillbillbeatz & Masta K) are now signed to Pit Baccardi‘s Empire Company where they meet their fellow colleague Magasco. Looks like their move to their new record label is becoming more of a blessing to their careers as compared to the stagnant nature they suffered with in their last years with No Hits No Records.

“Tobassi” video is directed by the award winning, Adah Akenji and the song produced by PhillBeatz.   As for the meaning of the word “Tobassi”… all we know is ladies, please give your men some tobassi and they might just put a ring on it!

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