Salatiel puts Bingo Baptist Hospital on full blast for exploiting patients


As if the Anglophone Crisis isn’t enough cause for frustration and depression for those living in the South West Region of Cameroon, singer Salatiel has just revealed that a Baptist owned hospital in Mutengene is exploiting their patients and families of blood.

Salatiel has taken to Facebook to slam the malpractices taking place at the renown Bingo Baptist Hospital, Mutengene. The famous singer claims the same hospital is exploiting patients and families by demanding for blood donations which will not be eventually used for the purpose for which they were donated.

The ‘Water’ singer and songwriter says he recently lost an uncle who needed blood transfusion but wasn’t injected the blood a family member donated as requested by the hospital.


Salatiel calls out Baptist Bingo Hospital for exploitation

The Alpha Better Records founder is best known for being quite vocal about his opinions and his accusation on the Bingo Baptist Hospital is just one of his concerns this year. The singer has also slammed the government for not doing enough to end police brutality during the ongoing 3-year-old Anglophone Crisis, especially after his grandmother’s house was burnt down last year.

Back in March 2017, Salatiel called Cameroon a “dream killing country” where talents are not recognized and rewarded as they should.

“I wish Cameroon and Cameroonians come to this state of mind and award the real people that make the hits I mean producers, composers and authors of the songs they are awarding. It is not fair what is done to producers and songwriters who are the real geniuses in this country is a dream killing country…. #foodforthought” the singer wrote on Facebook.

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