Salatiel drops Ayagayo, first single off Africa Represented album

Cameroonian singer and songwriter, Salatiel has released the first single off his yet-to-be-release album titled, ‘Africa Represented’ just months after clocking a huge international music collaboration with Beyonce and Pharrell Williams in ‘Water’, off Queen Bey’s ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ album.

The Alpha Better Records star has dropped a new song, ‘Ayagayo’, (a Jamaican word which means Good Times) which comes as the first official single to come out of his forthcoming album, ‘Africa Represented’.


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Salatiel arrives South Africa


Salatiel released his latest song on September 6, while on a major music and media tour in South Africa but made the reveal via his social media platforms.

“And the first single off Salatiel’s album “Africa Represented” is ready. “AYAGAYO” is dropping in a few hours. Watch this space,” the singer tweeted moments before he dropped his new song. 

“Here’s a song for you… Ayagayo – Good Times by Salatiel” he added later, alongside a YouTube link to the lyrical video of the song.

‘Ayagayo’ simply means Good Times and embodies a colorful and soulful vibe. One thing noticed about the song is that Salatiel went back to fully delivering in the English language, something he hasn’t done in his previous releases.

The song carries good messages like, “Good times don’t come easy. But they do eventually…”. It’s an electro sound mixed with the Afro beat which could do very well in the world music market.


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Salatiel drops Ayagayo from Africa Represented album

Salatiel is currently in South Africa where he performed at the Moshito Music Festival on September 5. He is also billed to perform at Booth on September 7.

However, his trip to S.A was met with a heavy backlash on social media where some fans thought it was “disrespectful” of him to visit the country which has recently been criticized by world leaders and other African music artists for its latest Xenophobia (or Xenophobic attacks) .

Salatiel responded with a live video on Facebook [Sept 2] explaining that the trip was already planned and it was too late to cancel and besides, he was simply going to work… just like everybody else.


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