Salatiel releases new music video about police brutality

Salatiel has released a new music video addressing police shootings against Southern Cameroonians on Sunday (January 29), following the deaths of innocent civilians in the South West and North West regions.

The song “Toi et Moi” — the third new solo material from Salatiel as a lead artist after “Bougez La Bars” ft. Maahlox and “Ca Se Passe Ici” — was released via YouTube.

The singer and songwriter has been quite vocal on social media about the use of the armed forces on civilians fighting for their rights (in the form of peaceful strike) in the English-speaking part of Cameroon.

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According to reports more than 10 people were killed by the police who claimed they were acting on self defense because the civilians attacked them – even though they carried no weapons. Till date, no military member has been prosecuted.

In a strong statement accompanying the new release, Salatiel says police brutality doesn’t just take lives but also destroys families, love for one countryman unto another and hampers the future of our children and their believe in the authenticity of the military.

Take a look at “Toi et Moi” video above and tell us what you think.

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