Salatiel becomes party monster in new video ‘Weekend’ [WATCH & SHARE]

They don’t call him High Man General for nothing!He clearly does thing big! Salatiel has just made our weekends to hit the 100% excitement button!

Salatiels long awaited video for new song, ‘Weekend’ is finally here and we are sooooo for it!

‘Weekend’ dropped on a weekend [July 6] at a star studded video release party in Douala and the audience haven’t stopped jumping to the jam yet.

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The very loud, rhythmic and up tempo track is ofcourse the type of song every hustler puts on repeat by 4pm on Fridays. Which worker, after all the 5-day work and stress from their offices or places of work, wouldn’t want to jam to the ‘Weekend’? None!

Salatiel likely substituted his party mode to beast mode teaching his colleagues, fans and worried souls how things are done during the weekend. According to the Alpha Better Records boss, weekends  are to chill, live life and be stress free. Just make sure you are ready for work by Monday morning though. Lol.

The singer didn’t just drop a new song and video, he also introduced his party dress code – casual chic! In the video, Salatiel is spotted rocking different designs of his signature Alpha Better Records T-shirts and polo tops every single day during the weekend. The looks are simple yet perfect for casual and club outings.

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Salatiel drops Weekend video

Award-winning music director, Dr. Nkeng Stephens kept the hype of the video high and took his directorial skills to a whole new level. Changing scenes so fast yet so timely and so exciting. The use of famous comedians like Oboy Da Comic and Spaco was refreshing and seeing Salatiel so high as to dance on top of a moving car (please don’t try it at home) were some of the reasons we can’t stop watching and dancing to this new song.

 Well, the message is clear, Salatiel just blessed our weekends with one his best tracks [yet] and he’s simply telling the DJs that ‘Weekend’ should be on repeat till dawn.

The beautiful video shot by Dr. Nkeng Stephens is one to watch over and over again.

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