Sama Tanya Who? Akwo Elonge makes modeling debut in Margo’s Mode


Move over sexy Sama Tanya! Cameroon has a new tall, dark and handsome model called Akwo Elonge and he just made his first big fashion move.

#dcoders, if you’ve never seen a handsome black man, then look no further. Akwo Elonge just made his debut into the fashion and modeling world and he’s done it in style.

His first ever try into modeling landed him in front of the who’s who in the fashion, modeling and art industries in Cameroon; showcasing the latest collection of one of Cameroon’s top fashion designer houses, Margo’s Mode called, ‘Bridge’.

“It still feels like a dream… I couldn’t believe it and that’s not because I am not handsome or fit enough but I couldn’t believe, an amazing designer like Liz Ngwane of Margo’s Mode, could believe that I would best fit into her list of models to showcase one of her best collections yet,” Akwo told us at the Art Exhibition in Douala, March 5.

“I am humbled,” he added.

He may look good, sexy and handsome but there’s more to this young fresh face introduced to the Cameroonian modeling terrain.

Here are 5 things to know about Akwo.


  1. He is Akwo Elonge but his friends call him Mr Nice Guy and the reason is not so far-fetched. The 1.77m tall, dark skin model was born in Buea and has a close relationship with home.
  2. Akwo has always wished to be a model since he was only a child but for some reason couldn’t find the perfect way and time to make his dream come true. But he says by him watching his mentors: Sama Tanya, Makala Nganda and his sister, Patricia Akwo, for so many years, he always knew he would become not only a model but a very good one.
  3. The sexy hunk admires the richness of the dark skin… you know, him being one of them. To him, the African dark skin is unique, wealthy and very inspiring. He says that, “Melanin blows my mind.”
  4. When it comes to keeping up with that hotness and rich dark skin texture, Akwo confesses that the gym is his best friend. He doesn’t sleep until he achieves a great body by working out twice or thrice a day for six days. (huh!?) He adds that drinking a lot of water and eating vegetables and fruits go a very long way.
  5. Even though Mr. Nice Guy loves his water and fruits, the model reveals to us that his favorite meal is rice and vegetable (erm… we’re hoping it’s not Eru. Lol)


See pictures of Akwo Elonge as a muse at the Margo’s Mode new collection launch party in Douala below.


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